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Event - Reclaimed Pianos

Reclaimed Pianos

Reclaimed Pianos

Friday 9 November, 2018, 7.30 pm

Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: Queens Park Theatre

Contact: Valli Papini 9956 6662

Stunning, graceful and evocative, RECLAIMED PIANOS is an intimate new creation by internationally renowned company Circa that taps into the piano’s magical ability to transport us through time and to other places.

As notes reverberate, they echo our memories of times before, places travelled and worlds to be discovered. From classical recitals to family sing-alongs: pianos have stories to tell.
In this beautiful new work, the incredible physicality of Circa’s acrobats will breathe fresh life to music layered with a soundscape of local voices. In the centre of this chamber of circus is a guest appearance by a piano sourced from the community – a gem of hidden history and dreams.

Performance is suitable ALL AGES - 65 minutes with NO interval.
RECLAIMED PIANOS is a QPT Backstage Pass Performance.
Arrive by 7pm, via Maitland Street QPT Stage Door, and everything is on stage : your friends, the bar, the show !!!

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