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Event - Black Brass

Black Brass

Black Brass

Saturday 19 August, 2023, 06:00 PM

Venue: Queens Park Theatre

Black Brass

A soulful tribute to the choices we make and how they shape our lives, Black Brass is a theatrical feast; playful yet mysterious.

Australia, today. In a small recording studio, a cleaner tries to tidy the mess left by careless musicians. As he cleans, a window opens onto his life – the pain of leaving his home, the alienation of living in a new land, his gratitude, his confusion, the beautiful mess of life. But simultaneously, on the other side of the glass, another man is recording music both joyous and heart-rending, songs of home, of love, of power.

Back Brass is a theatre show inspired by true African-Australian stories told through music and songs that span a continent. Soulful, uplifting, it takes everyone in the room into the rich complexity of here and now.

Performed by the extraordinary Mararo Wangaï, joined onstage by composer-musician Mahamudo Selimane, Black Brass gives voice to the marginalised, offering a window into the lives and voices not often heard in the theatre. With its evocative storytelling, Black Brass is a piece that stimulates all the senses and opens the heart.

Performance is 70 minutes with a strict lockout  
Pre-Show activities 6pm Show starts at 7pm
Suitable for AGES15+

Black Brass by Mararo Wangai | Promo (2min) from Performing Lines on Vimeo.

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